White Smoke for 80-acre Community Park zoning

On September 21, at 14:37 this afternoon, the Councillors confirmed the January vote. The 80 acre zoning will now be embedded in the 2021-27 County Development Plan.

This is a great achievement, particularly as the MCC Executive had opposed the amendment, arguing instead for a park of 20 acres.

A critical factor in carrying the day was the huge public support, as evidenced by the 2,401 submissions lodged in June, all but two supporting the 80 acres.

And on the day, our group of five Councillors who have championed the motion since its inception did us proud. With Cllr. Tobin acting as lead spokesperson, Cllrs. Jamal, O’Neill, Smith and Tormey all argued eloquently and with feeling for the cause; their conviction and enthusiasm was infectious and may well have swayed some doubtful hearts.

When the votes were counted, the 80 acre zoning was carried by 23 votes to 7 (9 councillors were absent and one Councillor excused himself from the debate and the vote).

So now, it’s up to us, the citizens of Ashbourne. We must work with our Councillors, our TDs and Ministers, with the MCC Executive and with the businesses of Ashbourne to turn this opportunity into the great Vision for the future ‘heart and lungs’ of our Town.

There’s not a moment to lose. Sign up as a Friend of the Community Park without delay (forms and boxes at Credit Union, Topline Murtaghs, GAA and Community Centre).’