Community Well-being Vision and Ashbourne Public Greenspaces Group

What is a Vision for Community Well-Being?

A Vision for community well-being for this and future generations identifies the key issues that member groups in Meath PPN consider are important for their community to be “The best that it can be for this and future generations”.

It is developed through an open, participative and transparent process which involves all PPN member groups. In this process, member groups consider all aspects that make up their community using a community well-being approach.

This visions for this and future generation sets out the vision and the main issues to inform the PPN representatives, PPN Linkage groups, PPN secretariat and PPN Resource Worker. It also informs external agencies such as Local Authority, HSE, ETB etc.

The 6 Headings PPNs are using to look at Community Wellbeing are:

Social & Community Development – How can we be an inclusive community where we support each other and ensure no one is left out?  What are the important social services and facilities we need to live well from childhood to old age?

Environment & Sustainability – How do we value our natural environment and man-made heritage? What can be done to conserve, protect and restore these? How can we interact with the environment in a sustainable way, and hand it on to the next generation in a better state?

Work, Economy & Resources – How can our communities thrive economically, with good jobs, and supports for enterprise, business and for people not in work?  What resources do we have and are they used effectively and sustainably without causing harm to social and environmental sustainability?

 Health – How can all members of our community enjoy the best possible physical and mental health?  What about people with special needs, older people, and carers?

Values, Culture & Meaning – What is needed to ensure that everyone both feels, and actually is, included and valued, and that our different values and cultures are respected and nurtured? What are the important parts of our culture that we want to hand on to future generations?

Participation, Democracy & Good Governance – What is necessary to ensure that our local government structures support the wellbeing of our community for this and future generations? What is necessary to ensure that we have a voice in the decisions that affect us and that all voices are being heard?

How do the 6 Wellbeing Domains apply to Ashbourne Public Greenpaces Group?

Above – the Community Wellbeing Matrix for Killegland Park Concept

Ashbourne Public Greenspaces group has been a member of Meath PPN since the group’s formation in October 2018.

We were set up by Meath PPN to work with the MCC Executive and the six AMDC Councilors to secure a Community Park and associated facilities for Ashbourne, and to help complete the remaining zones of the Linear Park.

We are using the Community Well-being Vision in these ways:

  • As a checklist to assess the values that different elements, features, facilities (park attributes) of different Park configurations might yield
  • To help build the cases that justify investment in publicly-accessible Greenspace in terms that are more easily quantified
  • At a more general level, to promote the concept of the value of Community engagement in terms that have meaning for all parties, public, administrative, elected representatives and the market.

In early 2020, in a series of meetings with PPN member organisations from each of the six Municipal Districts, the PPN conducted a survey of Vision – Aspirations and Current Status using the six elements of the Wellbeing model. The report describing the findings can be accessed here