Greenspaces launches 2021 Discussion Document

On June 1, Ashbourne Public Greenspaces Group published their 2021 Discussion Document, a sort-of Annual Report for the Group. The full report can be accessed at

Below is the text of the covering letter sent to about 100 Citizens, Public Representatives Businesses and MCC Executives.


Dear [Adressee]

Ashbourne Public Greenspaces Group wish everyone well at this time of hope and opportunity.

In April 2020 we circulated a document ‘Killegland Park Discussion Document’ which set out our goal of achieving a Community Park/Sports Hub for Ashbourne. The attached document is an update on this endeavour one year on.

We address this document to all who have a stake in Ashbourne and its environs, including:

  • Community groups, Sports clubs and Educational bodies,
  • our Public Representatives at both the Local and National level,
  • Meath County Council Executive Management and Staff,
  • the Business Community of Ashbourne and district, and
  • all who seek to build a better Ashbourne for the generations to come.


The fact that it is a larger document than last year is perhaps testament to how much work has been done, how much has been achieved. Almost without exception, stakeholders among the Community, the Elected Members and MCC Executive and Staff stepped up to the plate as their turn came, and as a result we find ourselves in a far better position vis-a-vis achieving our aims than we were at this time last year.

Lest we grow complacent, and having rightfully celebrated a year of achievement, we must now focus our attention on the year ahead. The attached Discussion Document tells the story of events as they unfolded, partly to chronicle what in time  will be a part of our Town’s history, but of more immediate importance, so that all can draw lessons from the experience. The Document goes on to  delineate the challenges, some immediate, others less pressing, that face us as we embark on the next stages, and proposes an outline plan as to how we might combine to meet them. In particular it highlights the need for collaboration and unity, and the criticality of extensive Community engagement as a matter of urgency.

Greenspaces wishes to thank those members of MCC Executive and Staff, and those of our Elected Representatives who have travelled with us so far; also those members of the Community who have shared their time, energy, knowledge and advice. We look forward to continuing this endeavour together as we move towards our goal.

Ciaran Donnelly     John Harmon           Jack Holmes             Fiona Woods